Jeff Downs

Jeff Downs is senior director of value stream architecture at Tasktop (, which connects, visualizes, and measures value streams across tools and processes with connector infrastructure and technology supporting full-fidelity and real-time connectivity to more than 60 agile, DevOps, and IT tools.

Articles by Jeff Downs

At the heart of the latest wave of tool consolidation in enterprise software delivery is data—and getting all that precious information into one place. By creating a single platform experience to help software delivery teams at largescale organizations plan and track all work from ideation to operation, tool vendors hope to support customers in this goal by providing faster, more accurate knowledge- sharing between teams and tools in real time to accelerate the planning, building, and delivering of products. Obtaining one source of truth to create business-centric IT reports helps organizations understand whether investments are paying off and improve decision making.

Posted October 08, 2020