Jeff Morris, VP Product & Solutions Marketing at Couchbase

Jeff Morris brings three decades of product marketing experience to Couchbase.  He’s been head of marketing at data integration startup, Datacoral for the last six months, and prior to that he was head of product marketing at Neo4j, helping graph databases break out from the NoSQL market. He spent three years at SaaS analytic vendor, GoodData in both Sales and Marketing. For over a decade, Morris was VP of product marketing at Actuate, helping commercialize BIRT, their open source analytic offering by spearheading their entry into dashboards, marketplaces, mobile, and finally cloud. Morris product management background was formed at open source pioneer, Sendmail and sales automation vendor Borealis, and he learned the fundamentals of software engineering and marketing at Forte Software and IDE.  He studied Electrical Engineering and History at Syracuse University.  

On a personal note, Morris is married to blogger, author and playwright, Lori Marshall who works at Hospice by the Bay. She’s the oldest daughter of the late Hollywood director, Garry Marshall. He and Lori each have two daughters—His are Ellie (25), an educator at the Chabot observatory in Oakland, and Violet who is a sophomore studying theater at UCLA. Lori’s twins (24) are Charlotte, a graduate student studying health policy at Emory in Atlanta and Lily, a San Francisco Giants and city politics junkie.   

Morris paints like Jackson Pollock for fun and the necessity to put art on the wall. He loves live music in San Francisco and is especially fond of jam band, Phish. 

Articles by Jeff Morris, VP Product & Solutions Marketing at Couchbase

The worldwide cloud services market is forecast to grow more than 6% this year to a total of $257.9 billion, with software-as-a-service (SaaS) remaining the largest segment at $104.7 billion. Furthermore, more than $1.3 trillion in IT spending will be directly or indirectly affected by the shift to the cloud by 2022. In this environment, what must an organization keep in mind to ensure a successful cloud migration?

Posted February 10, 2021