Jeff Tofano

Jeff Tofano is chief technology officer, SEPATON, Inc.

Tofano has more than 30 years of experience in the data protection, storage, and high availability industries.  As CTO, he leads SEPATON's technical direction and drives product and architectural decisions to take full advantage of SEPATON's singular ability to address the data protection needs of large enterprises.

SEPATON's DeltaStor scalable data deduplication software reduces capacity of massive enterprise data volumes without slowing ingest performance. It uses next-generation ContentAware technology to deliver unimpeded multi-node performance, advanced capacity reduction, tunability, and industry-leading restore times.

Tofano's experience includes serving as CTO of Quantum and holding senior architect roles with Oracle Corporation, Tandem Computers, and Stratus Technologies. He holds a B.A. in computer science and mathematics from Colgate University.

Articles by Jeff Tofano

Improving Data Protection with Deduplication

Posted March 07, 2012