Jim Czuprynski

Jim Czuprynski has more than 35 years of professional experience in his career in information technology, serving diverse roles at several Fortune 1000 companies before becoming an Oracle DBA in 2001. He was awarded the status of Oracle ACE Director in March 2014 and is a sought-after public speaker on Oracle Database technology features, presenting topics at Oracle OpenWorld, COLLABORATE, Hotsos Symposium, Oracle Technology Network ACE Tours, and Oracle User Group conferences around the world.

As of August 2015 Czuprynski has joined OnX Enterprise Solutions as its strategic solutions architect focusing on Oracle Database technology, especially Oracle Database 12c as well as Oracle’s Engineered Systems, especially Oracle Exadata, Oracle Supercluster, Oracle Database Appliance, and Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance.

Czuprynski has authored more than 100 articles focused on facets of Oracle Database administration to his credit, since 2003. These articles can be found at and Jim’s blog, Generally … It Depends (, contains his regular observations on all things Oracle. His first book, Oracle Database Upgrade, Migration and Transformation Tips & Techniques, was published in June 2015 through Oracle Press.

Articles by Jim Czuprynski

The latest release of Oracle Database ( offers a unique set of features that portend increases in application workload execution, especially for analytics and data warehousing queries. This release, debuts Oracle Database In-Memory which provides a new columnar format - the In-Memory Column Store (IMCS) - for data that is likely to be accessed regularly for aggregation or analysis, as well as other features such as In-Memory Aggregation and In-Memory Joins that potentially offer several orders of magnitude of performance improvement. Finally, the new In-Memory Advisor makes short work of determining exactly which database objects are most likely able to take advantage of the IMCS.

Posted May 04, 2016