John Crupi

As CTO of JackBe, John Crupi is entrusted with understanding market forces and the business drivers that impact JackBe’s product innovation and customer success. Crupi has over 20 years of experience in OO and enterprise distributed computing. Prior to JackBe, he was with Sun Microsystems, serving as a Distinguished Engineer and CTO for Sun's Enterprise Web Services Practice. He is co-author of the highly popular Core J2EE Patterns book, his articles have been published in a variety of technology publications and he is a well-known blogger and speaker.

Articles by John Crupi

As machines increasingly are fitted with internet and other network access, enterprises will be able to capture and increasingly expected to respond to more customer data than ever before. Machine-to-machine (M2M) network connections—this so-called "Internet of Things"—is positioned to become the next source of major competitive advantage. Whatever you call it, M2M is turning out to be the poster child for big data's "Three Vs": Volume, Velocity and Variety. What M2M data requires is a fourth "V" (Visualization) to convert its big data into value by giving users the ability to identify data patterns through real-time analytics.

Posted April 25, 2013