John O’Brien

John O’Brien is  CEO of Radiant Advisors. With more than 25 years of experience delivering value through data warehousing and business intelligence programs, O’Brien’s unique perspective comes from the combination of his roles as a practitioner, consultant, and vendor CTO in the BI industry. As a globally recognized business intelligence thought leader, O’Brien has been publishing articles and presenting at conferences in North America and Europe for the past 10 years. His knowledge in designing, building, and growing enterprise BI systems and teams brings real-world insights to each role and phase within a BI program. Today, through Radiant Advisors, O’Brien provides research, strategic advisory services, and mentoring that guide companies in meeting the demands of next-generation information management, architecture, and emerging technologies. Follow him on Twitter: @obrienjw.

Articles by John O’Brien

How AI Strengthens Enterprise Data and Analytics Programs

Posted December 23, 2019

As companies grow increasingly data-centric in their decision making, product and services development, and their overall understanding of the world they work in, speed and agility are becoming critical capabilities. A common theme in big data and analytics today is "Industry 4.0," representing a new wave of technology that enables the automation necessary for scaling. There's compelling justification for this as companies seek to unlock business value from big data with two broad approaches: the democratization of data with greater access by more users, and the enablement of automation everywhere possible.

Posted September 20, 2017

As the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution works its way through marketing hype and seeks its place of valuable contribution within companies and industries, you might pause to wonder how IoT can create opportunities for your company. Yet that assessment is difficult in part because the buzz does not always align with reality. In short, it's no simple task to discern the true potential of IoT today, leaving one to wonder: What is realistic, what difference could IoT make in my company, and how mature are other companies in embracing IoT potential?

Posted April 07, 2017

Insights From Early Data Lake Adopters

Posted March 24, 2016

Grasping Hadoop's Full Potential

Posted September 14, 2015

Mapping the Path to the Data Lake

Posted April 08, 2015

How Businesses Are Driving Big Data Transformation

Posted January 12, 2015

Big Data: The Battle Over Persistence and the Race for Access Hill

Posted January 07, 2014