Kyle Wassink

Kyle Wassink, a Blue Medora software engineer and blogger, helps VMware vRealize Operations avoid duplicate resources when running virtualized Oracle databases. 

Blue Medora creates IT analytics/business management packs that provide a single pane of visibility across the entire IT stack, including servers, storage, networking, applications and virtual machines. This includes work with VMware vRealize Operations and Oracle databases. 

Articles by Kyle Wassink

Virtualized Oracle databases, just like all virtual machines, share physical server resources with other virtual machines running on the same hypervisor. We'll call virtual machines that reside on the same hypervisor "siblings." VM sibling rivalries occur due to resource shortages caused by improper virtual machine placement. Databases generally have more severe ramifications when resource shortages occur than other virtualized applications, making good sibling behavior crucial for your Oracle databases.

Posted March 31, 2016