Lori Witzel, Director of Research for Data Management and Analytics, TIBCO

Lori Witzel develops and shares perspectives on improving business outcomes through digital transformation, human-centered artificial intelligence, and data literacy. Providing guidance for business people on topical issues such as AI regulation, trust and transparency, and sustainability, she helps customers get more value from data while managing risk. She collaborates with partners and others within and beyond TIBCO as part of TIBCO’s global thought leadership team.

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Articles by Lori Witzel, Director of Research for Data Management and Analytics, TIBCO

Data fabrics are an emerging technology, a modern distributed data framework encompassing architecture as well as data management and integration software, designed to help organizations manage their data. Data fabrics can help get more—and more relevant—data into workflows faster for business intelligence and reporting. Much the way businesses use IT architectures to manage and maintain IT assets, data fabrics help businesses manage and get value from data.

Posted June 02, 2022