Madalina Tanasie, CTO at Collibra

As Chief Technology Officer, Madalina Tanasie leads Engineering, Architecture, Production Engineering, Security, Excellence Enablement and Quality Assurance for Collibra. She brings over 15 years of leadership expertise in software engineering, cloud-native distributed systems and process management to the company. Previously, Tanasie was the Vice President of Operations and Excellence at Collibra, where she led organizational transformation for Product Operations and Engineering, with a focus on engineering practices, scale, and operational excellence. Tanasie has a Master’s and BS in Computer Science from University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest.

Articles by Madalina Tanasie, CTO at Collibra

The world is becoming increasingly digital every day and, as a result, even more data-driven. The datasphere is experiencing stunning growth, with 90% of all data being created over just the past two years. This explosive growth is something that will only continue in the future, and it's clear that as companies begin to amass more and more data, they need to take a hard look at their data management practices.

Posted March 16, 2023