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Matt Hilbert is a technology writer at Redgate Software ( with 20 years’ experience working for lots of the world’s biggest tech companiesand many of the smallest.

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DBAs have always been central to how organizations manage, store, and use data. First, they were gatekeepers, limiting access to production environments and carefully shepherding database changes through to avoid the risk of data loss or system downtime.

Posted June 16, 2020

While organizations are adopting cloud for some areas of their database estate, very few are migrating totally. DBAs now need to manage hybrid estates that combine on-premise and cloud deployments. No wonder that 23% of respondents see migrating to the cloud and integrating with the cloud as their biggest challenge over the next 12 months. Ensuring they have the ability to monitor their entire estate from a single tool is therefore vital if DBAs are to remain on top of their workloads.

Posted February 10, 2020

DevOps is now widely accepted in application development because, by introducing a culture of collaboration and cooperation between development and operations teams, it enables features to be released faster to end users. As DevOps grows, there is a corresponding need to ensure the database is included so that the entire development process is seamless and free of bottlenecks.

Posted October 01, 2019