Michael J. Sydor

Michael J. Sydor is a software solution architect with CA Technologies who has invested 20 years in the mastery of high performance computing technology. He has significant experience identifying and documenting technology best practices and has designed programs to mentor and realize client performance management teams. With a broad combination of software and systems architecture experience, as well as critical situation and traditional performance analysis, Sydor is well positioned to influence and guide major initiatives within client IT organizations, for both distributed and mainframe architectures, and across telco, cable, financial trading, media, banking, insurance, and utilities industries.

Articles by Michael J. Sydor

Another IT initiative is in the news. What does it really mean for you? Is it an opportunity? Or is it a distraction? Whatever your perspective, it seems clear that internet computing standards have reached another plateau of standardization and capability, such that vendors see an opportunity to pursue new models of computing.

Posted August 11, 2011