Mike Duensing

Mike Duensing is the chief technology officer and EVP of Engineering at Skuid, provider of a cloud UX design-and-deploy platform that enables organizations to seamlessly unite their data, apps, and processes to unleash productivity and engagement.

Articles by Mike Duensing

A microservices architecture is very conducive to continuous development and deployment iterations. As the DevOps environment becomes more focused on rapid deployment, adaptability and growth, microservices are the perfect tool to build versatile systems that allow for continuous improvement and scaling with little to no down time for the user. By breaking down a large suite of features into discrete functions, where each runs as its own service that is not tied to any specific server or dependencies, developers are able to create a loosely coupled system of independent functionalities. In all, each microservice can do one or a few things very well.

Posted October 31, 2019