Mike Moser

Mike Moser, a product management director and program executive within BMC Software’s Mainframe Service Management business unit, focuses on issues related to reducing costs while improving IT efficiency and service delivery. Moser’s more than 20-year career has spanned a wide variety of engineering, IT management, technology consulting, and product management positions across both technology vendor and IT end-user organizations. For more information about BMCSoftware, go to

Articles by Mike Moser

In art, the expression "less is more" implies that simplicity of line and composition allow a viewer to better appreciate the individual elements of a piece and their relationship to each other to make a whole. In engineering, "less is more" when you accomplish the same work with fewer moving parts. And when dining out, "less is more" when the portions may be smaller, but the food is so much better and satisfying. In IT, the adage is more accurately stated today as "less does more." As IT increases in complexity, mainframe organizations are being asked to handle greater workloads, bigger databases, more applications, more system resources, and new initiatives. All this, without adding—and sometimes while cutting—staff. In addition, IT is undergoing a serious "mainframe brain drain," as the most experienced technicians retire, taking with them their skills and detailed knowledge of the mainframes' idiosyncrasies.

Posted October 13, 2009