Omer Trajman

Omer Trajman is CEO and co-founder of Rocana, which provides enterprises with the ability to maintain control of their modern, global-scale infrastructure by managing huge amounts of operational data and providing analysis that shows a complete picture of IT operations.

Leading teams responsible for some of today’s largest modern database management system deployments, Trajman has worked with customers and partners to identify where Big Data technology solutions address business needs. Omer’s experience in big data includes responsibilities as vice president of technology solutions at Cloudera, focusing on Cloudera’s technology strategy and communication. Prior to this role, Trajman served as vice president of customer solutions at Cloudera, which included responsibility for Cloudera University, Cloudera’s Architectural Services, and Cloudera’s Partner Engineering team. Before joining Cloudera, Trajman was responsible for the Cloud Computing, Hadoop, and Virtualization initiatives at Vertica.

Articles by Omer Trajman

The elastic and distributed technologies that run modern applications require a new approach to operations — one that learns about your infrastructure and assists IT operators with maintenance and problem-solving. The interdependencies between new applications are creating chaos in existing systems and surfacing the operational challenges of modern systems. Solutions such as micro services architectures alleviate the scalability pains of centralized proprietary services but at a tremendous cost in complexity.

Posted August 25, 2016