Peter Armstrong and Nick Griffin

Peter Armstrong is an independent consultant with over 25 years of experience in the IT industry. After working for IBM for ten years, where he helped to develop the recovery/restart procedures for IMS, he moved to BMC. During his time at BMC, he produced DBRC in Practice, which has become the most popular book worldwide for the DBRC feature in IMS. Armstrong is a well-known presenter, educator, and author and retired from the position of corporate strategist for BMC in 2009.

Nick Griffin is product manager for Mainframe IMS at BMC Software, managing database performance, system performance, system administration, and backup and Recovery Solutions. He has over 33 years of mainframe experience in development, systems, and database administration for IMS, MVS, and CICS/VSAM applications. Griffin has developed IMS monitoring code and managed a development group. He has managed large, complex, mission-critical IMS database applications for a variety of Fortune 500 companies.

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Articles by Peter Armstrong and Nick Griffin

The idea of moving off IMS might seem compelling at first glance, but once you look at the whole picture, you might think otherwise. Most people think of cost as the primary reason to move off IMS. But if you look at all of the comparative costs of IMS on a mainframe against a WINDOWS/UNIX solution, you will find that running IMS is actually cost-effective. The obvious cost elements are hardware and software and the huge expense of converting hundreds of thousands of lines of code and hundreds of databases. However, these are only a small part of the story.

Posted January 07, 2011