Peter Quirk

Peter Quirk, director, Product Management, Sepaton, Inc. 

Sepaton delivers enterprise backup and recovery designed specifically for enterprise IT organizations that manage extremely large and growing volumes of data, that must be backed up within tight time windows - every time, guaranteed - and that require the fastest possible recovery in the event of a failure.

Quirk has spent most of his career working for vendors in systems engineering, product marketing, product management and project management roles, with responsibilities in operating systems, databases, languages, hardware platforms, storage, and social media. In his spare time he likes to code and explore the world of big data and all things related to Hadoop.

Articles by Peter Quirk

Data Protection - An Old Problem Just Gets Bigger

Posted March 26, 2014

For many years, enterprise data center managers have struggled to implement disaster recovery strategies that meet their RTO/RPOs and business continuity objectives while staying within their budget. While the challenges of moving, managing, and storing massive data volumes for effective disaster protection have not changed - exponential data growth and the advent of big data technologies, have made the challenge of disaster recovery protection more difficult than ever before.

Posted December 19, 2012