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Philip On is vice president of marketing at SAP HANA (

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Write this down: Converged transactional and analytical data platforms stand for digital business. None of us has been alive long enough to remember a time without the printing press, but such a time did once exist. The printing press revolutionized the world of books, journalism, scientific research, and countless other areas by automating a process that was once tedious and time consuming.

Posted May 11, 2018

The increase in use of digital technology within enterprises is causing a massive influx of the amount of data produced from cloud, mobile, IoT, social media, and more. Because of this deluge, many companies are simply filtering data into holding grounds for native data they haven't had time to process, known as "data lakes," which often go unmanaged. This data that is of unknown origin, quality and context is untrustworthy for use in initiatives to increase revenues, decrease costs, and manage risk. In fact, rather than being a strategic corporate asset it becomes a business liability.

Posted July 26, 2017