Phillip Merrick, CEO and Co-Founder of pgEdge, Inc.

Phillip Merrick is CEO and co-founder of pgEdge, Inc., a distributed Postgres vendor. Merrick is an entrepreneur and enterprise software veteran who has co-founded and run multiple successful companies in the database, middleware, and cloud security markets, including webMethods, EnterpriseDB, and Fugue.

Articles by Phillip Merrick, CEO and Co-Founder of pgEdge, Inc.

Today's applications—including enterprise applica­tions—need to be always on and always available and often must serve a global base of users who expect almost instantaneous response times regardless of where they are located. Meeting these challenges doesn't just mean happier users: There are direct bot­tom-line benefits for every business able to tackle the underlying issues of low latency and ultra-high availability. Because of the fundamental role the database plays in every application tech stack, the most logical place to tackle these issues is at the database layer. One of the best and most cost-effective ways to do this is by deploying applications on top of a distributed relational database.

Posted October 12, 2023