Richard Wozniak

Richard Wozniak is program director, Information Management Marketing, IBM Software Group. He has more than two decades of experience in the database industry, including leading development teams at both Tandem Computers and Informix Software. He joined IBM as part of the Informix acquisition in 2001. While at IBM, he has been involved in creating, acquiring and integrating information management technologies and products, especially in the business intelligence and data warehouse area. His current areas of interest include cloud computing and mashup technology, as well as the continuing evolution of Informix. Wozniak is a graduate of Harvard University and an avid outdoor sports enthusiast.

Articles by Richard Wozniak

When IBM developers set out to build the next version of Informix their goal was to build on the foundation of one of the more mature, effective and reliable pieces of information management software in the industry. With the 10th anniversary of the IBM acquisition of Informix fast approaching, they knew that the 11.7 release would be closely watched by clients and partners alike.

Posted October 12, 2010