Robert Eve

Vice President of marketing at Composite Software

Robert “Bob” Eve, vice president of marketing at Composite Software, is a recognized authority on virtual data integration. Published frequently on the subject in the industry’s leading publications, he has also been invited to speak at numerous technical conferences in the U.S. and abroad. Eve has held executive level marketing and business development roles in enterprise software companies for the past 20 years, including Informatica, Mercury, PeopleSoft, and Oracle.

Articles by Robert Eve

Enormous data volumes in complex systems exacting high total cost of ownership (TCO) are endemic in today's enterprises. Must this always be the case? Not for enterprises and agencies using today's advanced data virtualization to simplify data complexity and reduce costs, time to solution and risk.

Posted June 15, 2009

Data Integration (DI) technology, (specifically, extract, transform, and load (ETL) middleware), when combined with an intermediate data store such as a warehouse or mart, have played key roles in advancing business intelligence (BI) and performance management since the mid-1990s. Virtualized DI evolved from these technologies in the mid-2000s. Alternatively known as virtual data federation or enterprise information integration (EII), virtual DI eliminates the intermediate data store by leveraging high-performance query techniques that let the consuming application pull data directly from the source, in real time.

Posted August 15, 2008