Robert Reeves

Robert Reeves is CTO and co-founder of Datical, a provider of agile database auto­mation solutions.

Articles by Robert Reeves

Everything changes—especially when we seek to automate tasks. Automation is leading to amazing consumer benefits—from vehicles to clothing to voice-activated devices—and making our lives better. In the workplace, as automation becomes applied to repetitive tasks that are being handled manually, people become concerned about their livelihoods. Will they lose their jobs? How will they provide for themselves and their family? How will automation impact them personally?

Posted December 04, 2018

You are moving to the cloud. That means your data is moving to the cloud, too. But, are you prepared for the challenges that you will face when moving your databases to the cloud?

Posted July 02, 2018

The only constant is change. So, get ready for it. Maybe that's easier said than done. Too often, we, as DBAs, are flooded with change when it comes to database sche­mas, and keeping up with updates isn't as simple as just being ready. Develop­ers don't get that, though. Updating the application is pretty easy—simply copy over the existing application binary with the new one, and if there's something wrong, roll back by getting the old version from the build server.

Posted July 27, 2016