Sanjit Debroy, General Manager at AgreeYa Solutions

Sanjit Debroy holds extensive knowledge of the latest technological developments, key industry trends and market dynamics. At AgreeYa, he is behind the company’s technology consulting, knowledge management, design thinking, services delivery and corporate strategy. Debroy has a keen interest and in-depth understanding of Microsoft technologies and their potential to deliver digital transformation for businesses and communities.

Articles by Sanjit Debroy, General Manager at AgreeYa Solutions

Last year, organizations around the world, across all industries, were forced to leverage new technologies on multiple fronts to accommodate a new normal. The adoption of AI and machine learning saw exponential growth to bring about the changes needed to keep up with the shift to remote working. AI and ML technologies found their way into everything from advanced medical diagnostic systems to quantum computing systems, and from virtual assistants to smart homes. According to Algorithmia's 2021 Enterprise Trends in Machine Learning report, 50% of enterprises plan to spend more on AI and ML in 2021, with 20% saying they will be significantly increasing their budgets.

Posted September 16, 2021