Seth Miller

Seth Miller has been working with Oracle technologies since 2005 and specializes in database administration, and solutions integration. Miller is putting his decade-plus experience in Oracle Database, systems administration, virtualization, and container technologies to use building innovative solutions as a senior principal software engineer with Veritas Technologies. He has a passion for technology and spends much of his time contributing to the Oracle community, including currently serving as the director of communications for the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG). He currently holds the titles of Oracle Certified Professional and Certified Oracle University Instructor. He actively writes about various Oracle and technology related topics and is a published author. Miller presents on a regular basis at local and national events and conferences, including Oracle OpenWorld and COLLABORATE.

Articles by Seth Miller

Enabling Notifications From a Secure Instance in OCI 

Posted January 08, 2020

IOUG Insight: Tips for Managing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database Instances

Posted June 19, 2019

Navigating Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database Services can be a little overwhelming at first. However, creating Compute and Database Instances in OCI is relatively easy as Oracle has limited many of the options available when configuring an Oracle Database system. Some of the terminology may be unfamiliar but it should not be difficult to master for a seasoned Oracle DBA transitioning to a cloud database architect.

Posted April 09, 2019

Much consternation is expressed these days on conference calls and in convention center hallways among technology professionals who are worried that automation in high tech will push them out of their jobs. Taglines such as "Automatic upgrades, automatic patching, and self-tuning eliminate human labor" make that fear not completely unfounded. But in real-world scenarios, there is a big difference between Utopian visions of the humanless data center and a realistic view of automation in information technology.

Posted February 08, 2019