Shawn Moe

Shawn Moe is a software architect at IBM, focusing on UI modernization, SQL compatibility, application development, and tooling support for the Informix database servers. For more information, go to 

Articles by Shawn Moe

A former colleague is looking for a database server to embed into an important new factory automation application his company is building. The application will manage data from a large number of sensor readings emanating from each new piece of industrial equipment his company manufactures. These values, such as operating temperature, material thickness, cutting depth, etc., fit into the data category commonly called "SCADA" - supervisory control and data acquisition. Storing, managing and analyzing this SCADA data is a critical enhancement to this colleague's new application. His large customers may have multiple locations worldwide and must be able to view and analyze the readings, both current and historical, from each piece of machinery across their enterprise.

Posted August 07, 2013

Informix Genero, a new IBM offering developed under partnership with Four Js Development Tools, is a logical enhancement to the Informix 4GL language and environment that offers extensive capabilities for developing modern web and desktop GUI applications, reports, and web services. With IBM Informix Genero, users can recompile 4GL applications and run them as GUI and web applications while retaining the business logic.

Posted May 23, 2012