Simon Moss

Simon Moss, CEO of  Pneuron Corporation, which enables organizations to rapidly solve business problems through a groundbreaking, distributed approach that cuts across data, applications and processes. By targeting the right information at the data source, companies are no longer faced with the complex integration and infrastructure requirements of traditional approaches. Pneuron’s innovative Distributed Solutions Platform enables customers to accelerate business value and develop reports, products and applications in half the time and cost of traditional methods. Its distributed approach is non-invasive, technology-agnostic and leverages an organization’s existing infrastructure, avoiding the deployment risks and IT concerns that are prevalent in today’s centralized data projects.

Articles by Simon Moss

Numerous studies over the past few years characterize generally poor performance in the success rate of business intelligence projects. Now is the time to move business intelligence practices into the 21st century, or risk a continued cycle of overspending and underperformance. Here are five new strategies to improve alignment between unique problem characteristics and specific strengths.

Posted June 25, 2015

We are stuck with an antiquated two-dimensional integration and implementation model which assumes that before value can be realized, we need to get components of that value into a more stable and normalized condition. A third dimension is critical for analytics and BI to stay effective against the growth of data and activities at the edge.

Posted January 07, 2015