Slavik Markovich

Slavik Markovich is co-founder and CTO of Sentrigo, bringing with him over 13 years of experience in infrastructure, security and software development. Previously, Slavik was vice president, research and development, and chief architect at DB@net, a leading IT architecture consultancy, and led projects for clients, such as Orange, Comverse, Actimize and Oracle. In addition, Markovich has held positions at several IT consulting companies. An authority on Oracle and JAVA/JavaEE technologies, Markovich has contributed to open source projects, such as Spring Framework Toplink integration (later incorporated by Oracle), and is a regular speaker at industry conferences. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science. For information about Sentrigo, go to

Articles by Slavik Markovich

It's hard enough to lock down sensitive data when you know exactly which server the database is running on, but what will you do when you deploy virtualization and these systems are constantly moving? And making sure your own database administrators (DBAs) and system administrators aren't copying or viewing confidential records is already a challenge - how are you going to know when your cloud computing vendor's staff members are not using their privileges inappropriately? These are just two of the obstacles that any enterprise must overcome in order to deploy a secure database platform in a virtual environment, or in the cloud. In some cases, these concerns have been preventing organizations from moving to virtualization or cloud computing.

Posted April 07, 2010