Stephen Moss

Stephen Moss is SVP of the Managed Technologies Group at PCM, Inc.

Moss oversees services sales for PCM and also keeps the pulse of 24/7 operations, customer success management as well as PCM’s Cloud Data Centers. His responsibilities also span services & solution strategies, business development and partnering activities.

Moss was with NSPI when it was acquired by PCM in 2010.  He joined NSPI as director of Network Services in 1995, was promoted to vice president in late 1997 and named COO in 2005.  He has personally overseen hundreds of technical design and delivery projects, provided sales assistance for complex solutions, consulted on many commercial and government projects, developed strategic partnerships and technology roadmaps for service delivery over the past 22 years.

Prior to joining NSPI, Moss was a network engineer for Windsor Group Insurance and a technical sales representative for an IBM business partner.

Moss has been an IEEE member since 1989.  He has also served in numerous industry related advisory council assignments over the past 18 years, including AT&T, Cisco Systems, Microsoft National System Integrator (NSI) and Microsoft Software+Services.

An Atlanta native, Moss earned his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering Technology from Southern Polytechnic State University. 

Articles by Stephen Moss

Hackers are rarely far from the news these days, whether they're perpetrating cyber-intrusions into political campaigns or take-downs of major retail websites, social media sites, movie studios, or entertainment conglomerates. But some of the "hacking" headlines can be deceiving. In fact, a significant number of cybersecurity breaches around the digital world actually represent a kind of all-too-familiar crime that is as old as the abacus.

Posted August 09, 2017