Suni Munshani

Suni Munshani joined Protegrity as CEO in May of 2011 to accelerate growth and execute strategies to extend Protegrity’s leadership position in the enterprise data security market. He brings more than 25 years of broad and diverse global business experience to Protegrity.

Prior to joining Protegrity, Suni was the CEO of Novitaz, a customized data provider for the retail and hospitality sectors. Prior to Novitaz, he served as a managing partner at Persephone Investments, a venture capital firm focused on early stage investments. While at Persephone, Suni led the firm’s investment in Synetics, Inc. and eventually assumed the role of CEO and led Synetics’ acquisition to Affiliated Computer Services, a NASDAQ listed company that was later acquired by Lockheed Martin.

Prior to that, he founded several successful software and services companies, including Paradigm Systems Corporation of America (acquired by Platinum Technology/Computer Associates) and Trirex Systems.

Articles by Suni Munshani

While further discussions and negotiations about the proposed replacement to Safe Harbor continue, the future is clear: U.S. companies have no choice but to shore up their data privacy and security measures in line with Europe's progressive stance. While a nec­essary evolution, history has proved time and time again that companies that take proactive steps today to address future needs will be better positioned than those who attempt to meet compliance-related requirements retroactively.

Posted May 20, 2016