Susan Davis

Susan Davis, vice president, marketing and product management, at Infobright, is responsible for the company's marketing strategy and execution, as well as product management. Davis brings more than 25 years of experience in marketing, product management and software development to her role at Infobright. Prior to joining the company, she was vice president of marketing at Egenera, a pioneer in the virtualization of data center infrastructure. At Egenera, she launched the marketing and product management functions and helped grow the company to more than $100 million in annual sales in 5 years.

Prior to Egenera, Davis was director of product management at Lucent Technologies/Ascend Communications where she was responsible for the release and launch of the telecommunications industry's first commercially available softswitch. Earlier, she held numerous positions in product marketing, ISV relations and software development and support at Stratus Computer and Honeywell/Bull. She holds a B.S. in economics from Cornell University.

Articles by Susan Davis

Today's organizations must capture, track, analyze and store more information than ever before - everything from mass quantities of transactional, online and mobile data, to growing amounts of "machine-generated data" such as call detail records, gaming data or sensor readings. And just as volumes are expanding into the tens of terabytes, and even the petabyte range and beyond, IT departments are facing increasing demands for real-time analytics. In this era of "big data," the challenges are as varied as the solutions available to address them. How can businesses store all their data? How can they mitigate the impact of data overload on application performance, speed and reliability? How can they manage and analyze large data sets both efficiently and cost effectively?

Posted February 09, 2012