Tetiana Gladkykh, Taras Hnot, and Volodymyr Solsky

Tetiana Gladkikh, Taras Hnot and Volodymyr Solskyy are data science experts for SoftServe. Tetiana Gladkikh has been working in  data mining and computational intellegence for the last 19  years and hold a PhD in Technical Science (Elements and Devices of Compter Tecnic from National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute," Ukraine. Taras, holds a Master's Degree in Economic Cybernetics and is a Data Analyst with a strong knowledge of statistical modeling and data mining algorithms. Volodymyr, a Data Scientist has 9 years' experience in commercial software development holds a Master's degree in Engineering (Theoretical Mechanics) at Ivan Franko National University.  


Articles by Tetiana Gladkykh, Taras Hnot, and Volodymyr Solsky

The year 2015 was especially rich in cyberattacks with companies such as T-Mobile, Kaspersky, and Anthem having had their security compromised and all sorts of personal information about users exposed. The urgent need to solve the problem of anomaly detection lies in the fact that any deviation from a general picture showing the current state of the system may carry important information about the existing issue.

Posted September 14, 2016