Thomas H. Davenport

Thomas H. Davenport, author of "Big Data at Work: Dispelling the Myths, Uncovering the Opportunities" published by Harvard Business Review Press, a world-renowned thought leader on business analytics and big data, translating important technological trends into new and revitalized management practices that demonstrate the value of analyticsto all functions of an organization.

Davenport is the President's Distinguished Professor of Information Technology and Management at Babson College, a fellow at the MIT Center for Digitial Business, cofounder and Director of Research at the International Institute for Analytics, and a senior adviser to Deloitte Analytics, as well as the author of dozens of articles for Harvard Business Review.

Articles by Thomas H. Davenport

In "Big Data at Work," Tom Davenport explains to readers why big data is important to them and their organizations, what technology they actually need to manage it, and where to start capitalizing on its potential. Here, the author shares an excerpt from his recent book.

Posted June 17, 2014