Tom Bishop

CTO, BMC Software

Tom Bishop, chief technology officer, BMC Software, is a well-known industry innovator. He holds nine patents in fault-tolerant computing and has been involved in the development of industry standards, such as the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) and the Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX).

Articles by Tom Bishop

The concept of a configuration management system (CMS) is an idea whose time has come - particularly since the release of IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Version 3, known as V3. ITIL V3 devotes considerable attention to the importance of a CMS. If you're not already familiar with a CMS and its functions, you may be wondering what's included in it, and how it differs from a configuration management database, known as a CMDB. So let's take a look at this vital component of a long-term IT management strategy

Posted April 15, 2008