Tomer Ben Moshe

Tomer Ben Moshe is CEO and co-founder of CoolaData, which covers all infrastructure components for cloud-based analytics and data warehousing and helps companies boost agility and decrease time-to-insight when compared with homegrown and competitive solutions. CoolaData makes it easy to collect and store data while giving you the powerful tools you need to analyze it.  Our solution tracks user behavior across all channels and aggregates the data to help you capitalize on the invaluable insights. CoolaData is not bound to structured queries, empowering you with the freedom to ask any business question.

Articles by Tomer Ben Moshe

The challenges that big data companies face when dealing with live data range from scalability and availability to real-time demands and structure. The world of data streaming is a complex one as it involves millions of events gathered per day.

Posted December 09, 2015