Vadym Fedorov

Vadym Fedorov is a solutions architect at SoftServe Inc. He has 12 years of experience in enterprise application development, including expertise in OOD, OOP, SOA applications design and architecture approaches. In the last two years he has been focusing on cloud applications design and development. Vadym holds multiple certifications and a Masters in High-precision mechanics from Sevastopol State Technical University. He is also a contributor to the SoftServe United blog.

Articles by Vadym Fedorov

We are increasingly living in a "sensors world," where data is constantly gathered by smartphones, smart watches, sport trackers, smart devices, and even smart houses. Service providers collect this data for research, marketing campaign effectiveness analysis, proactive solutions, and more. All these "sensors" generate a constant flow that needs to be stored, processed and analyzed in order to bring value.

Posted March 26, 2015