Vaibhav Dantale

Vaibhav Dantale is a software engineer within IBM Information Management division. He has been working on Informix for last 12 years, in various development, QA and technical management roles. Currently, Dantale focuses on  evangelizing Informix product in ASIA Pacific region. He is one of the Informix TimeSeries technical experts and has been involved in several  customer engagements on Informix TimeSeries. He has patents under his name and is co-author of a red book on Informix security features.

Articles by Vaibhav Dantale

Efficient Vehicle Tracking System Software Solution with Informix Dynamic Server

Posted November 10, 2011

Time series data is a sequence of data points typically measured at successive times and may be spaced at uniform time intervals. Time-stamped data can be analyzed to extract meaningful statistics or other characteristics of the data. It can also be used to forecast future events based on known past events. Time series data enables applications such as economic forecasting, census analysis and forecasting, fleet management, stock market analysis, and smart energy metering. Because it is time-stamped, time series data has a special internal structure that differs from relational data. Additionally, many applications such as smart metering store data at frequent intervals that require massive storage capacity. For these reasons, it is not sufficient to manage time series information using the traditional relational approach of storing one row for each time series entry.

Posted July 07, 2011