Victor DeMarines

Vice President of products at V.i. Laboratories

Victor DeMarines is the vice president of products at V.i. Laboratories, where he is responsible for the company’s strategic direction. V.i. Laboratories provides software protection solutions that protect against the misappropriation and theft of intellectual property resident in software applications.

Articles by Victor DeMarines

We all know software piracy causes huge financial losses. It has been estimated that the world's software companies are now losing $40 billion in revenue in unlicensed installations. Yet, with all the security technology at our disposal, why isn't piracy going away? While some areas have been able to squelch a certain percentage of software theft, the problem is here to stay. The huge influx of new PC users, the ubiquitous nature of piracy tools over peer-to-peer networks, and the near-impossibility of enforcement across the globe stand in the way of significant progress. Moreover, the outsourcing of development work opens up new worries for those dealing with countries with weak intellectual property (IP) enforcement laws.

Posted September 15, 2008