Next-Gen Data Management

Next-Gen Data Management focuses on issues of interest to database professionals in the context of the larger systems, IT, and business environment. Topics include the impact of new technologies and deployment models, the future of the DBA as a profession, how databases can add more value to the organization, and new technologies and methodologies opportunities for database professionals.

With the new tools available that allow companies to monitor database resources, pinpoint the root cause of problems, speed up applications, and prevent crashes, some may wonder if companies will need DBAs at all in the future. However, the risk to DBAs and technology professionals as a whole is not that their jobs are going away, but that they may opt to not take the time to understand and use the tools and technologies that will allow them to be better professionals. This can place them at a disadvantage to their peers and curtail their ability to add value to the organization, therefore limiting their careers.

Posted December 03, 2014