Social Media Business Intelligence Survey Results and Analysis

Social media networks and peer groups are creating large data sets that are now enabling companies and organizations to gain competitive advantage and improve performance. These datasets provide important insights into customer behavior, brand reputation, and the overall customer experience. Intelligent early adopter organizations are beginning to monitor and collect this data from propriety and open social media networks. This benchmark survey, perhaps the first of its kind, explores how small, medium, and large organizations are leveraging businessintelligence tools and platforms to harvest, manage, and analyze social media data and what their future plans are to leverage it for business initiatives.

This study was fielded during a month-long period starting in early January and ending in early February, 2012. North America and European countries participated in the survey, with more than 450 respondents completing the entire survey.

The Executive Summary of this research report is available for public viewing, and members only may log in on the SHARE website to download the complete findings report. Go here for the Executive Summary or to access the full report. 

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