Download Unison for Fast & Secure Data Cleansing

Unison by Melissa is a customer data platform that brings all of Melissa’s data quality tools together, putting the power of data cleansing into the hands of the non-programmer. Unison’s highly refined data quality algorithms ensure accuracy, while reporting and scheduling features enable true collaboration among users. With Unison, you can:

  • Schedule and perform a multitude of global data quality jobs
  • Process up to 50 million records per hour to perform international address, email, phone verification and precise geocoding
  • Profile data to gain critical insight
  • Visualize reports and review analytics
  • Perform data cleansing workflows
  • Compare and match contact elements to gain a single customer view
  • Collaborate on projects
  • Manage access and activity logs

Unison offers the ability to import/export from major databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, and a variety of delimited flat files. Request a demo and download Unison to take advantage of tools that offer powerful data quality management capabilities - no programming required!

Download Here