Download Unison for Simple, 3-Step Data Cleansing

Built for data stewards, Unison is Melissa’s customer data platform that validates, cleanses, standardizes and enriches data - no programming required. Unison’s highly refined data quality algorithms ensure accuracy, while reporting and scheduling features enable true collaboration among users. Capabilities include:

Address Verification - Verifies, corrects & standardizes addresses from over 240 countries/territories
Name Verification - Parses, genderizes & creates salutations for individual or company names
Phone Verification - Verifies U.S., Canada & international numbers
Email Verification - Validates, parses, corrects & standardizes email addresses
Geocoding - Converts postal addresses to precise, rooftop lat/long coordinates
Fuzzy Matching & Golden Record Survivorship - Compares, matches & dedupes records for a single customer view

Unison offers fast processing at 50 million records per hour, and the ability to import/export from major databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, and a variety of delimited flat files. Request a demo and download Unison to take advantage of tools that offer powerful data quality management capabilities - no programming required!

Download Here