Big Data Sourcebook: Second Edition

Introducing Database Trends and Applications magazine’s second edition of the Big Data Sourcebook! This is your guide to the enterprise and technology issues IT professionals are being asked to cope with as business or organizational leadership increasingly defines strategies that leverage the ‘big data’ phenomenon.

Big Data Articles in the Sourcebook include:

  • The Big Data Frontier, by Joyce Wells
  • How Businesses Are Driving Big Data Transformation, by John O’Brien
  • The Enabling Force Behind Digital Enterprises, by Joe McKendrick
  • Data Integration Evolves to Support a Bigger Analytic Vision, by Stephen Swoyer
  • Turning Data Into Value Using Analytics, by Bart Baesens
  • As Clouds Roll In, Expectations for Performance and Availability Billow, by Michael Corey and Don Sullivan
  • Social Media Analytics Tools and Platforms: The Need for Speed, by Peter J. Auditore
  • The Big Data Challenge to Data Quality, by Elliot King
  • Building the Unstructured Big Data/Data Warehouse Interface, by W. H. Inmon
  • Big Data Poses Security Risks, by Geoff Keston

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