Big Data Sourcebook: Third Edition

Database Trends and Applications magazine’s third edition of the Big Data Sourcebook is your guide to the enterprise and technology issues IT professionals are being asked to cope with in 2016 as business or organizational leadership increasingly defines strategies that leverage the ‘big data’ phenomenon.

Big Data Articles in the Sourcebook include:

  • The Future Is Coming Fast by Joyce Wells
  • Nine Trends in the Growing Big Data Market by Joe McKendrick
  • Dispatches From the Database Revolution by Guy Harrison
  • Hadoop and Its Accompanying Ecosystem Are Here to Stay by Jim Scott
  • Data Warehousing in the Era of Big Data by Joe Caserta and Elliott Cordo
  • Back to the Future: A Data Governance Ride Worth Taking by Anne Buff
  • The New, Newly Democratized Data Integration by Stephen Swoyer
  • Cloud Technologies Advance Fueled by Openness and Machine Learning by Michael Corey and Don Sullivan
  • The IoT Revolution Has Only Just Begun by Stuart Taylor
  • Improving Data Quality for Better Business Outcomes by Elliot King
  • Three Key Challenges in Leveraging Big Data and Analytics: Privacy, Corporate Governance, and ROI by Bart Baesens
  • Think Bigger: The Need for Data-Centric Security by Ulf Mattsson

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