Big Data Sourcebook: Your Guide to the Data Revolution [Free eBook]

DBTA’s Big Data Sourcebook is a guide to the enterprise and technology issues IT professionals are being asked to cope with as business or organizational leadership increasingly defines strategies that leverage the ‘big data’ phenomenon.

It has been well-documented that social media, web,transactional, as well as machine-generated and traditional relational data, are being collected within organizations at an accelerated pace. Today, according to common industry estimates, 80% of enterprise data is unstructured—or schema-less.

Which Big Data Approaches and Products Will Have Staying Power?

Products to address the big data challenge are coming to the rescue. The expanding range of NewSQL, NoSQL, Hadoop, and private/public/hybrid cloud technologies, as well as newer capabilities for traditional data management systems, present extraordinary advantages in effectively dealing with the data deluge. But which approaches are best for each individual organization? Which approaches will have staying power and which will fall by the wayside? As Radiant Advisors’ John O’Brien rightly points out in his overview of the state of big data, we are in the infancy of a new era—and moving into a new era has never been easy.

The Big Data Experts Speak

To help advance the discussion, The Big Data Sourcebook has assembled a cadre of expert authors who each drill down on a single key area of the big data picture. In addition, leading vendors showcase their products and unique approaches on how to achieve value and mitigate risk in big data projects. Together, these articles and sponsored content provide rich insight on the current trends and opportunities—as well as pitfalls to avoid—when addressing the emerging big data challenge.

Big Data Articles in the Sourcebook include:

  • The Big Picture: An Introduction to the Big Data Sourcebook, by Joyce Wells
  • The Battle Over Persistence and the Race for the Access Hill, by John O'Brien
  • The Age of Big Data Spells the End of Enterprise IT Silos, by Alex Gorbachev
  • Big Data Poses Legal Issues and Risks, by Alon Israely
  • Unlocking the Potential of Big Data in a Data Warehouse Environment, by W.H. Inmon
  • Cloud Technologies Are Maturing to Address Emerging Challenges and Opportunities, by Chandramouli Venkatesan
  • Data Quality and MDM Programs Must Evolve to Meet Complex New Challenges, by Elliot King
  • In Today's BI and Advanced Analytics World, there is Something for Everyone, by Joe McKendrick
  • Social Media Analytic Tools and Platforms Offer Promise, by Peter J. Auditore
  • Big Data is Transforming the Practice of Data Integration, by Stephen Swoyer


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