Cybersecurity Sourcebook 2017

From our private lives, to the business world, cybersecurity is more important than ever, and the threats are evolving rapidly. The demand for data security skills in the job market has increased drastically. At the same time, the protection of our data and systems from theft and disruption has become a crucial undertaking where everyone plays a key role, IT and business professionals alike. To equip you with the knowledge to succeed, we are bringing together a unique resource on the leading cybersecurity threats, strategies and technologies that every organization should know about.

Cybersecurity articles in the Sourcebook include:

  • Data Security Is Everyone’s Job By Joyce Wells
  • Cautionary Tales From Data Breach Headlines By Joe McKendrick
  • The Role of the DBA in Cybersecurity By Craig S. Mullins
  • Getting Ready for GDPR By Mika Javanainen
  • Cyberattack—How to Prepare and What to Do If It Happens By Jacob Cherian
  • The Future of Database Encryption By Ameesh Divatia
  • Cybersecurity By the Numbers Protecting the Enterprise
  • Perimeter Protection Is Not Enough By Venkat Subramanian
  • How Compliance Affects Data Security By Rob Green
  • Security and IoT By John M. Hawkins
  • Deploying Robotics for Data Center Security By David Wang
  • Data Protection as a Key Enabler of Digital Transformation By Miller Newton

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