2024 Data Security Trendbook

Securing a Changing Data Landscape

One of the most exciting aspects of our data-driven world is its dynamic nature. The data landscape is subject to the constant generation, innovation, and iteration of new ideas from experts and newcomers alike.

The most impactful of these ideas are those that take hold across industrial and geographical lines, adopted by and experimented with by organizations. With this in mind, it’s critical that we connect with peers across industries about the trends they are experiencing so we can work together to ensure secure and accessible data use this year and beyond.

In our 2024 Trendbook, data leaders share their thoughts on:

  • The growing adoption of distributed architectures like data mesh and data fabric
  • The immediate and long term effects of rapidly evolving artificial intelligence (AI) tools
  • The reprioritization of resources and budgets to revitalize modern data access and data security

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