2024 State of Data Security Report

Security, agility, and visibility – how are data leaders prioritizing these initiatives to protect and strengthen their businesses in 2024?
Generative AI has opened up a vast new world of productivity, possibility, and most critically, risk. AI models and use cases are being built, deployed, and restructured within a span of just months. The rate of technological innovation has left many data leaders weighing the balance between substantial gains and frightening setbacks. In an effort to develop an authentic understanding of the current moment,
we surveyed 700+ data platform and security leaders who are asking today’s most pressing questions:

  • How should I allocate my tech and human resources to optimize our data security?
  • How can I improve my data team reporting structure?
  • How are others navigating organizational, technological, and process-level security risks?
  • How can my actions as a data leader directly drive better business outcomes?
  • What pressing needs and data security priorities should be top of mind for me?

This survey reveals the concerns, responsibilities, and real-time decisions of data professionals who are facing an exciting yet unknown future.

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