A Modern Approach to Test Data Management

Speed is a critical business imperative for all organizations, regardless of industry. The pace at which enterprises can bring new products and services to market determines their ability to differentiate from competitors and retain market share. Applications are at the center of this race, and as enterprises look to accelerate innovation, they need to build out a more agile application infrastructure—and that includes a robust and comprehensive test data management (TDM) strategy. Once viewed as a back office function, TDM is now a critical business enabler for enterprise agility, security, and cost efficiency.

The increasing pace of software development presents new challenges. With increased use of automated DevOps toolsets, and privacy laws that require secure data across global teams of employees and contractors, IT organizations must expand the charter of traditional TDM to meet the needs of today’s development and testing teams. This white paper explores the top challenges that IT organizations face when managing test data, and highlights the top evaluative criteria to consider when implementing new technology solutions as part of a TDM strategy.

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