Achieving Full Compliance and Building Trust in Data with Lineage in a Heavily Regulated Finance Sector

One of MANTA’s customers, a global Fortune 500 financial services company, was falling behind on BASEL II/III compliance. The manual reporting that was being done in Excel spreadsheets couldn’t keep up with the mounting compliance requirements of the regulation that requires financial institutions to prove they meet the minimum capital and reporting requirements with the goal of minimizing credit risks.
The customer initially had around 250 such metrics to meet, and the number eventually rose to 500. Manually collecting information about their data turned out to be inefficient and error-prone, and it led to numerous decisions that did not reflect the actual state of the data. In order to address these issues, the customer tried to implement several data governance and data catalog solutions. However, due to their limited lineage capabilities, they were not able to answer the most crucial questions.

  • What are the sources of the data that is being used to generate riskbased metrics?
  • How are the numbers derived?
  • If a risk source has to be changed, which downstream reports and systems will be affected?

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