Best Practices in Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Reporting

With the rise of big data, the database and data management tools market is in a state of flux, the likes of which have not been seen in this sector before. Companies are now awash in big data, and end users are demanding greater capability and integration to mine and analyze new sources of information. As a result, organizations are supplementing their relational database environments with new platforms and approaches that address the variety and volume of information being handled. In this special section in Database Trends and Applications analyst Joseph McKendrick brings you up on current thinking and strategies users and vendors are pursuing to extract value from large, often unwieldy data stores. This is followed by nine separate sponsored content pieces focusing on in-memory, real-time data integration, data virtualization, BI, columnar databases, NoSQL and Hadoop.

Table of Contents:

16. SAP Sybase: SAP Sybase IQ - A Scalable Database for Business Analytics

20. Attunity: Moving Data in Today's Real-Time Business

21. Composite Software: Data Virtualization Redefines the Stock Exchange

22. Denodo Technologies: Top 4 Data Challenges Addressed by Data Virtualization

23. Tableau Software: 5 Ways Best-In-Class BI Builds on the Industry's History, then Throws It Out

24. Calpont: Why a Columnar Data Platform is Best for Big Analytics

25. Objectivity: Getting Big Answers Out of Big Data The Key to Business Innovation

26. Progress DataDirect: Make Fast and Informed Decisions Based on Up to the Minute Data

27. Hortonworks: Apache Hadoop: A Big Data Refinery Enabling Big Analytics

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