Best Practices in Data Management in the Era of Big Data

The rise of Big Datais challenging many long-held assumptions about the way data is organized, managed, ingested, and digested. However, for many organizations, Big Data is still a new frontier that they have only begun to explore. "Many organizations leave their data to pile up; they are aware of it as a resource but haven't analyzed it. They don't know what's useful and what's worthless." This fourteen-page section from the March edition of Database Trends and Applications is an invaluable resource that provides multiple perspectives on the chief challenges our readers face and the solutions that will enable organizations to begin tapping into the power of Big Data assets.

Table of Contents:

18. Attunity: Big Questions about Big Data

19. Composite: Data Virtualization Contributes to Outstanding Customer Care

20. MarkLogic: Big Data's Next Step: Applications

23. Calpont: Business Demands Scale, Speed and Simplicity for Big Data Analytics

24. CodeFutures: Scaling Big Data with Your Relational Database

25. Attivio: Beyond Hadoop: Completing the Big Data Picture with Unified Information Access

26. Progress DataDirect: ODBC: 20 Years of Innovation Driving Today's Big Data Enterprises

27. Couchbase: Big Data, NoSQL, and Mobile Sync - Three Peas, One Pod

28. Denodo: Data Virtualization for Big Data: How to Choose the Right Integration Model

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